SeriousPR: What came first? The experience or the experience

What came first? The experience or the experience

Competition for jobs can be fierce amongst those coming out of undergrad or masters courses and many are faced with the dreaded ‘experience’ requirement from employers; leading to the conundrum of “how to get experience without experience?”

The important thing for all graduates to remember is they are not alone in their frustration, and the feelings of being lost in an endless loop of rejection letters, phone calls and emails are sadly, not uncommon these days. But it’s how they approach it that will make the difference.

So what can you do to break the cycle?

1- Dig deep: look to your past; to part-time jobs, university and even school to identify experience and relevant skills relevant to the role you want. Even volunteer experience can bring many moments that are worthy of note. Now write down any and all accomplishments, stories of triumph, and build a case for your transferable skills.

2- Enthusiasm Vs experience: The wisest employers hire for attitude, train for skill. Be positive, engaged and show a little something different to just the average ‘experienced’ graduate. Ok so you might not have six months in a similar role under your belt but sometimes certain personality traits are what are lacking in a team rather than skills. Show yours and you never know, you might just be the missing link.

3- Turn negative into a postive: The best PRs around have the thickest of skins, so all this rejection you’re facing may actually work in your favour. Tenacity is perhaps the most important trait for a PR to have, so don’t give up, keep knocking and use your ‘experience’ of rejection to showcase how much of a natural you’ll be for media sell-ins.