SeriousPR: Christmas dinner our way

Christmas dinner our way

Taking inspiration from our client’s (Tesco) Christmas campaign, Everyone’s Welcome, we’ve asked the team how they do Christmas dinner their way:

Emma: “Ah Christmas Dinner, the best meal of the year, no-one makes it as good as your mum, do they? For me it’s ALL about the stuffing, with tons of breadcrumbs, tons of sage, tons of sausage meat (always with sausage meat!), extra points if you’re lucky enough to get some crispy bits! Controversially, we never have pigs in blankets, it’s just never been included, we’d rather supplement the lack of pigs in blankets to make way for three types of potatoes. Crispy roasties (cooked in goose fat, obviously), the creamiest mash, and my mum really pushes the boat out, offering up a second mash, this time it’s a mix of white and sweet potatoes revolutionary. Then naturally it’s off to the sofa to try and sleep off the food coma before the Christmas sandwiches come out. starts singing It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Dawn: “My mammy’s Christmas dinner is my all-time favourite meal…. we love it so much we don’t bother with breakfast or even starters… god forbid we ruin our appetites for the main attraction which kicks off every year at 3pm.

I love a condiment so it’s no surprise cranberry jelly is the unsung hero of my plate (apart from the year someone forgot to buy it and it actually ruined Christmas). Stuffing is also a contender for being a Christmas dinner’s MPV and we make enough to last all week – there’s no joy to be had in a stuffing-free home”

Judy: “Christmas at the Dennys is pretty traditional apart from one or two deviances from the norm:

• Alongside the usual roasties, cauliflower cheese etc we have curley kale (or ‘curlies’) that have been cooked in the water the ham’s been boiled in to make them extra salty and tasty. Christmas curlies tend to divide the table – you either hate them or love them!

• Instead of gravy, we have a white wine and cream sauce cooked with leeks and mushrooms – again, this can be divisive, but goes really well with turkey!

• Instead of Christmas pudding for dessert, we usually have profiteroles with cream and a chocolate sauce made out of melted mars bars – not for the faint-hearted (or those on a diet), but delicious!”

Bronagh: “In my family, granny is the undisputed queen of Christmas dinner! We all like to make a side dish and arrive down at my granny and granda’s around 1pm to start the festive fun. Personal highlights are the thick beef gravy, rosemary-coated roasties and classic herb and onion stuffing for me- none of that sausage meat palaver! We absolutely love gammon and cook ours in cider, cloves and orange slices with a honey glaze- YUM! Dessert means death by chocolate (does anyone actually enjoy Christmas cake?!) Then we roll ourselves home and spend the rest of the day on the sofa, enjoying back to back Christmas movies- bliss!”

Conor: “For me no Christmas dinner is complete without some homemade vegetable soup as the starter. One of the very few things we consume over Christmas with any nutritional value… It’s all downhill from here!

This sets the scene for the traditional feast which never disappoints. There may be some mishaps and stresses when cooking as my mother slowly morphs into Gordon Ramsey – in the end our Christmas dinner is always the best meal of the year. A special shout-out to the honey roast carrots and goose fat roast potatoes!”